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Passei para Gary este caso de Maria Angelica e ele publicou em sua newsletter semanal. Achei que valia mostrar para vocês o quanto podemos nos comunicar com o mundo todo! Somos todos nós juntos trabalhando pelo Bem. Obrigada, Angelica. 

Da newsletter do Gary 

Gratitude to Maria Angelica Duarte for her excellent OEFT work regarding Lupus. She is an avid student of Sonia Novinsky, PhD, my Director of The Gary Craig EFT Training Center in Brazil (Portuguese language).

Here is Maria's report (translated).

Every day that goes by, I am more impressed by Optimal EFT. In November of 2018  I had a telephone call with a relative, a very special person for me (Elva Maria, 50 years old, fictional name for privacy purposes) regarding her Lupus symptoms. 

Elva has had Lupus and other symptoms for 10 years. These include: 

(1) Fever

(2) Poor sleep

(3) Lost weight

(4) Joint pains

(5) Headache

(6) Restless leg syndrome at night

(7) Low white blood cell count at 1,000

(8) Xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome

(9) Sjögren's disease (an autoimmune disorder in which the glands are destroyed that produce tears and saliva)

(10) Raynaud's disease (a narrowing of the blood vessels when the person feels cold or stressed). 

According to her medical diagnosis, 75% of her body is affected by Lupus. 

I began using Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist) for only one month in her behalf. We aimed it at some of her symptoms and got some relief. However, after aiming it at her underlying emotional causes (anger, hate, guilt, sadness, trauma, fear, lack of forgiveness, humiliation, etc.) and their related specific events, many of her symptoms dramatically faded even more.

Elva's improvements: She is now able to sleep and stay during the day without pain. She no longer has fever, headache, or restless legs. Her joint pain has decreased a lot and she has recovered most of her weight loss. Her Sjögren's symptoms are much better and her white blood cell count is rising (now at 3,000). Once again, she resumed her normal activities and we continued looking for more specific events to continue reducing the remaining symptoms. Elva continues with all her medications and medical check-ups.

Gary Craig  COMMENT: Note that Elva's relief regarding sleep, pain, fever, headaches and restless leg syndrome were accomplished even though her medications were not doing the job. Any one of these is a candidate for our "Impossible" healing category. All of them together is impressive indeed. And this doesn't mention the other substantial improvements.

More from Maria: Heartfelt thanks to Gary, Sonia and The Unseen Therapist for the opportunity to learn EFT every day and to be able to share this therapy that is pure energy (love) above all to continue growing in unity.

Maria Angelica Duarte


Sonia Novinsky
Sonia Novinsky Seguir

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