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Post de Mariza na newsletter do Gary

Post de Mariza na newsletter do Gary

Mais um dos nossos terapeutas aparece na newsletter do Gary. Achei legal compartilhar com vocês para se animarem a escrever e filmar videos e postarem aqui! 

The Unseen Therapist aids a Brazilian dentist - root canal search: 

After about 15 minutes, the dentist
said, "I found the canal..."

Sonia Novinsky, PhD is our Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center in Brazil (Portuguese language). She has a very active following and receives many letters regarding the successful use of Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist. 

Below is one such letter from her student, Mariza. It involves using The Unseen Therapist to assist a dentist in locating a difficult-to-find root canal. This is similar to asking The Unseen Therapist to help you locate lost keys or other items (I've done this several times). 

Also note Mariza's use of TWO Unseen Therapists. Interesting approach and Sonia comments on it below Mariza's letter (translated).


Dear Sonia,

I wanted to give a testimonial to contribute how we can use Optimal EFT, with good results, even while sitting in the dentist's chair during a root canal treatment.

At our first appointment, the dentist said she had found a canal that needed treatment, but that the radiography gave only a slight impression of having another, and that it would be difficult to find. One night before the second session, I connected with my Unseen Therapist asking to connect with the dentist's Unseen Therapist, so that this inner wisdom would show us the solution.

The next day, as soon as the dentist's appointment began, I connected with my Unseen Therapist (God, inner wisdom), asking him to connect with the dentist's Unseen Therapist, to find the second canal, so the procedure could be more thorough.

I visualized her (the dentist) and me wrapped in blue, gold and pink light and emitted a ray of pink light from my heart to her heart, feeling a love that connects us all. After about 15 minutes, the dentist said, "I found the canal, I was looking in the wrong place, now I found it."

I still could not talk because I was literally "open-mouthed," because of the devices ... and I thanked The Unseen Therapist, God, Gary Craig and Sonia Novinsky immensely for teaching us, with so much love and wisdom, this simple method and at the same time so Divine healing. Love releases and transforms. Gratitude!


Sonia's Note:

Another way to do this Optimal EFT job would be for the client (Mariza) to connect with her Unseen Therapist (who at the same time is her inner and transcendent wisdom) and ask that the canal become visible to the dentist), because it would not be The Unseen Therapist of the dentist who did the work but The Unseen Therapist who transcends all of us.


Sonia Novinsky
Sonia Novinsky Seguir

Psicoterapeuta . Diretora do Centro Gary Craig de Treinamento em EFT Oficial no Brasil. Atendimento on line e presencial. Supervisão em grupo para EFT Oficial ( tapping e Optimal). Práticas grupais de EFT. Contatos pelo whats: 11999941415

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